TV and Satellite services

TV aerials

We install new aerials, repair existing aerials or simply look in to how we can improve your TV signal. Whether it be an aerial in the loft or on the roof of your house, leave the ‘working at heights’ to us! We can run multi-points in to extra rooms in your house, whether it be your kitchen or your bedroom.

Satellite services
We’re competitive when it comes to pricing – we can install your Sky satellite dish to save on those pesky installation charges and can get the job done a lot quicker. If you’re having any issues with your dish, we can run diagnostics and look at a resolution to any picture/signal disturbances. We’re specialists in satellite and FreeSat services and can offer honest advice.

TV mounting
Save yourself the time and effort of mounting your new TV on the wall – we’ll bring our spirit level and get the job done! We’ve got experience in every kind of TV mounting and can even order you the correct brackets, chase the cables through your walls and make this focal part of your room look as slick and tidy as possible.

Wi-Fi boosting
We know how important high speed internet in the home is. To achieve this, we can boost the Wi-Fi signals in your property. If required, we can fit Ethernet sockets with specialist cat-5 cabling to ensure any room in the house will have a wired internet connection.


We will ensure that your Starlink Dish is installed to give the clearest signal and isn’t obstructed by buildings or trees etc. We offer a wide range of mounting options including: flat roofs, chimneys, gable ends etc. We can discuss the best Starlink installation options when we visit your property. Please contact us to discuss.